Governing board

The Governing Board consists of 10 members including the Director. The present director for the period 2010-2015 will be Prof.Dr. H. Steinbusch [MHeNs, Maastricht University, NL]. The directorship of Professor Steinbusch will be prolonged until December 2017.
The board meets formally twice a year.

Maastricht University

Prof. H. Steinbusch

Dr B. Rutten

RWTH Aachen

Prof. F. Mottaghy

University of Cologne

Prof. A. Büschges /
Prof. S. Korsching

University Hasselt

Prof. J-M. Rigo


Prof. P. Kienlen-Campard


Prof. P. Leprince

Université de Lille

Prof. M. Salzet

University of Luxembourg

Prof. R. Balling