Governing board

The Governing Board consists of representatives of all partners including the Director. The present director for the period 2010-2015 will be Prof.Dr. H. Steinbusch [MHeNs, Maastricht University, NL]. The directorship of Professor Steinbusch will be prolonged until December 2017.
The Board meets formally twice a year.

Maastricht University

Prof. H. Steinbusch
Prof. B. Rutten
Dr. A. Blokland

RWTH Aachen

Prof. F. Mottaghy
Prof. B. Kampa

University of Cologne

Prof. A. Büschges 
Prof. S. Korsching
Prof. V. Visser-Vandewalle
Dr. T. Sesia

University Hasselt

Prof. N. Hellings


Prof. P. Kienlen-Campard
Dr. A. Jankovski


Prof. P. Leprince
Prof. J. Bakker

Université de Lille

Prof. C. Lefebvre

University of Luxembourg

Dr. A. Skupin
Prof. S. Haan