The EURON PhD curriculum in Neuroscience offers a range of courses aimed to educate PhD students in diverse neuroscience disciplines. The courses are intended to increase the student's understanding of different approaches and methods in neuroscience research.

  • Basic courses will last 4-5 days, start at master level but will rapidly evolve to PhD level.
  • Advanced courses and workshops enable students to specialize in specific neuroscience topics.

Students that follow the program will have a broad orientation on the neuroscience research field, and will be able to understand neuroscience disciplines that go beyond their PhD project.

Courses have theoretical and practical parts, include a preparation phase (reading papers or assignments) and the setup is based on student-centered learning, implicating that interactive and problem-based teaching formats are included in each course. 

The Educational Committee, consisting of teaching experts of the EURON partner universities, advises the Executive Board on the educational tasks of EURON and the quality of the educational PhD programme. This committee consists of senior scientists of the EURON partner universities: Chairman:​ Alexander Jankovski (UC Louvain​), Gunter Kenis (Maastricht University​), Thibaut Sesia (University of Cologne​), Tim Vanmierlo (Hasselt University​), Jörg Mey (Maastricht University) and Nicole Senden (Maastricht University​).