EURON Online Lecture

In the EURON lectures, scientists of two partners present their work on a common topic, but using different approaches. This sets the stage for a subsequent interactive discussion.

Tuesday 19 October 2021 | 16.00 hrs. | online
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Microglia on the move: molecular control of cellular motion | Bert Brône

Bert Brône is Assistant professor Cell Biology at Hasselt University. He studied Biology at Hasselt University (B.Sc.) and Antwerp University (M.Sc). He obtained his PhD degree at Hasselt University, Belgium in 2003. His scientific research focuses on the cellular neurophysiology. Current projects focus on the cellular neurophysiology of brain development and related psychiatric disorders. In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jean-Michel Rigo he studies neuronal and microglial aspects in the etiology of autism and schizophrenia. First, microglia are studied as immune mediators contributing to neurodevelopmental diseases. In a second research line the lab discovered the glycine receptor subunit alpha2 as an essential component for embryonic brain development and that its loss of function induces dysfunction of neuronal circuits involved in autism spectrum disorder.

Microglia activation and functions in a EVs-dependent manner | Christophe Lefebvre

Christophe Lefebvre is a Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology at Lille University. He studied Biology at Lille University (from B.Sc. to PhD). After obtaining his PhD degree in the laboratory of Neuroimmunology of Annelids in 2002, he studied the immune response in the mosquito at the Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC. Back in Lille, his scientific research focused on the crosstalk between microglia and neurons in the medicinal leech and mammals. Microglial functions were studied through their production of extracellular vesicles (EVs). Current projects still focus on microglia involvement in the inflammatory balance leading to brain metastasis.